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Defective business model

Most experienced or failed startup founders agree that a startup’s business model is critical. Loyalty to a single channel or the inability to find the right way to generate income for the business makes the business model of many startups practically ineffective.

Incorrect timing for product

If your final product is undercooked and you don’t release it at the right time, your users will have a negative view of the final product. Also, if you launch your product too late, you may miss many opportunities in the market. For this reason, Timing is an essential tip for realizing your final product.

Weak product

A poor product can easily cause problems for your startup. For this reason, you should be able to prepare your product in the best possible way. Providing a robust initial product can bring loyal customers to your product.

Wrong pivots

One of the most challenging steps in any startup’s products is how to pivot the product. If this pivot does not go correctly, it can quickly destroy your startup.

Programming problems

Another reason that creates problems for startups is the technical weakness in the programming of your product. If your startup, website, or product has low technical strength in programming, it can cause many problems in your efficiency.

about us

We are a technical team specialized in helping businesses grow and develop, and we have cooperated with successful companies so far. By finding and supporting undiscovered talents, we are always trying to draw a suitable path for them to continue their activity.

Our technical and programming team can bring you one step closer to success by providing comprehensive and complete services in startup-related technologies. The science of programming has no boundaries, and if it is used correctly, you can achieve your highest goals. We will be by your side in this way so we can have the best performance in line with the best efficiency.


All the things we mention about the problems of startups have a solution to be compensated. We can accompany you on this path as a team of experts with brilliant experiences. The services we provide to you to improve your business include the following services

Web Application Development

Our team is a reliable and secure developer for web applications to date and has maximized customer satisfaction by always prioritizing them. Our team has worked in this field for many years and can draw a bright path for your startup using its experience and knowledge. We develop the best possible service for you according to your business needs and available facilities.

In addition to web development, we also provide consulting and support for your service. Nowadays, web application development is critical and can take your business to great heights of success. For this reason, you can feel the progress of your startup by using our services. Our service for web application development includes the following subjects:

  • Strategy and Plan
  • Design and UX
  • Development
  • Site maintenance and updates
  • Support

Mobile Application Development

According to statistics, the use of mobile applications has increased, and the need to create an application is felt in almost all startups. A mobile application with an attractive and user-friendly design can drive many users to your business. Designing the proper application is significant, and the more skilled team works on your application, the better result you will get.

 Our expert team, having high experience and knowledge in the field of mobile application design, can design the most suitable application for you. Our priority is gaining your trust and satisfaction, and financial issues are less important to us. We do our best to make an attractive, functional and suitable application for your audience and clients. Our service for mobile application development includes the following subjects:

  • Product Engineering
  • Integration of enterprise programs
  • Application Development
  • Application Security
  • Design compatible with Android and iOS

DevOps Automation

The primary purpose of using DevOps automation is to improve response quality and provide better customer service. Using this technology, you can easily manage the information related to your startup and see a significant improvement in your business process. Our team can design the best strategy for your startup due to its high experience and knowledge in DevOps automation. Our service for DevOps Automation includes the following subjects:

  • Improving service performance
  • Increasing speed
  • Reduction of human mistakes
  • Flexibility
  • Availability

Platform Selection

Choosing a suitable platform for establishing a startup is one of the most critical choices you have to make. Choosing a platform for your business should be done by a group with sufficient knowledge of different platforms. The first thing you need to do to choose the right platform is to define your target audience and their needs. Then you need to figure out how to communicate with your audience.

We can help you a lot in this way. According to our experience and knowledge about the market, our team can find the best possible platform for you with the necessary research and investigation. By examining and evaluating different audiences and platforms, we establish the best way to communicate with the audience for you. In other words, by using our recommendations about choosing a platform, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your business.

Software Prototyping

Software prototyping is done to develop and improve your software. In this way, the audience is placed in the position of an expert, and giving new ideas and opinions helps you on the way to the success of the software. This method can lead to many attractive and practical feedbacks for you. On the other hand, it gives the user and audience of the application a sense of value and can strengthen their loyalty to your software. If this work is performed at the right time and conscientious manner, it can bring you an outstanding result.

Our expert team can accompany you on this path due to their high knowledge and experience in software development. If you trust our team, you will feel the fantastic result of software prototyping in your startup. Our team will inform you about the entire process and support your startup after software prototyping. In other words, after completing the project, whenever you need it, our support team will respond to your needs.

Database Development

Various data are essential in every business. Ever since the start of your startup, more and more data has been added to your database every day, and managing them is very important. Creating and developing a coherent database will ensure better data management, and you can have peace of mind about managing your business information. Database management is critical, and experts should do it. For this reason, you should be very sensitive in this matter.

Since we started our activity, we have been recruiting experts and obtaining information in various technology fields. Database development and management is no exception to this rule. We can make the best possible decisions for your startup due to our long experience and knowledge in this field. Your trust in our collection can bring you the best possible result in database development. On the other hand, our support team will always respond to your needs. Our service for Database Development includes the following subjects:

  • Data management
  • Data processing development
  • Mobile device and application management
  • Remote access and management



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